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Each Bundle Includes The Following

Connect 4

Each Bundle comes with a 31 inch high Connect 4 3-in-1 design of 4-in-a-row game, mini basketball game and ring game for more fun. Perfect for both adults and kids, as well as indoor and outdoor play.


Basketball Game

Comes with 4 rubber basketballs, two hoops, and an electronic scoring board. Featuring 8 different games.



Get the whole family involved in a super fun game! 20 blocks are numbered so that you can create your own rules or bonus rules like reverse direction, skip player or go again. Customize the game and make it appropriate for kids or adults.

Racing Games

6 Player Carnival Games includes Potato Sack Race Bags and Legged Relay Race Bands.

Ring Toss

3 in 1 Carnival game set includes 6 colorful soft plastic cones (9x5inch), made of kids safe plastic, 10pcs random color large bean bags (3inch), 10pcs random color rings (4.7inch). Perfect Carnival set For All Ages.


Tic Tac Toe

Each Bundle comes with a 3ft x 3ft wooden Tic Tac Toe set. This isn't the same game from when you were a kid. Toss the X's and O's to make it a game of skill that all ages will love. Use shorter distances for children and longer distances for the grown ups.


Roped Ring Toss

Each Bundle comes with one roped ring Toss ideal for kids and grown-ups!


Bean Bag Toss

Each Bundle comes with one Bean Bag Toss for kids. Bean Bag Toss Game.

Carnival Ring Toss

Each Bundle comes with one carnival ring Toss ideal for kids and grown-ups!

Shooting Gallery

Each Bundle comes with one carnival-style shooting gallery and a (Nerf gun + 6 foam bullets included)

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Add-Ons Available

table tennis rental
Mid Size Table Tennis
pool table rental
6 ft. Pool Table

Rent Your Party Game Bundle Today!


Each bundle comes with 10 games for the entire day.


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