Renting The Best Photo Booth For Your Event

Everyone loves a good photo booth. They’re fun, they make for great memories, and there’s nothing like the laughs that come from having old friends share a silly moment or two together. That’s why so many people now rent them for their wedding receptions or birthday parties; but what if you want to include a photo booth at your next event? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you we are the best company to work with and where and how to set up your photo booth!

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Why should you rent a photo booth for your event?

Photo booths are a great way to capture memories. If you’re looking to get people interacting with each other, having them in front of the camera is an effective way to do it because it’s fun! The photo booth provides a platform where guests can have fun and interact with each other.

It’s especially useful if the event has multiple people from different groups or organizations who wouldn’t normally get together otherwise.

A photo booth will make sure everyone is included and has fun!

Where and how to set up the photo booth?

When planning the location for your photo booth, you’ll want to consider some key factors.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that there is enough space for the actual booth and any additional equipment you may be using (i.e., props). 

We usually ask for a 15’x15′ space for our photo booth at Party Rentals Of Albany.

Next, think about where guests will be walking from one activity location to another and make sure that they don’t have far to walk to get over there in time—but also not so close that they feel too rushed or cramped around other aspects of their evening.

We recommend keeping scenic areas like food tables and dance floors at least 15 feet away from photo booths if possible; this allows guests time to relax between activities without feeling rushed or worried about missing something important happening elsewhere on site!

Photo booth setup
Photo booth prop setup

The right photo booth will make your event even more fun!

A photo booth is a great way to capture memories and make your event more fun!

When it’s time for the party, people will flock to the photo booth because they love seeing themselves in silly poses, with friends, and as a group.

Check out our Instagram page to see some pictures and videos of recent events we did.

Photo booths are also memorable parts of events: everyone has a great story about one time they got stuck in one or when they had their picture taken by mistake.

The most important thing is that the guests at your event have fun while they’re there—and having an awesome photo booth will definitely help with that!

You can easily see how excited people get when they see their photos printed out right on the spot (or even sent to them via text message to their phone after).

Trust me: once you’ve seen how much joy this addition can bring into your life, you’ll not regret it!


The photo booth is a great way to make your event even more fun. It’s also a great option for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, and more. You can rent the best photo booths from us and enjoy our state-of-the-art features. We will provide you with customized packages that meet your needs and budget requirements as well as explain everything beforehand so there are no surprises during your event!

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