What Wedding Signs Do I Need?

what wedding signs do I need?

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but one of the most important parts is making sure that you have all of the wedding signs and decorations you need to make the day extra special. You don’t want to forget something or realize that you forgot to order something.

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Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a simple way to add a personal touch to your wedding. A welcome sign should be welcoming and easy to read, so choose a font that’s clear and choose colors that are bright and cheerful. If you’re hosting the reception at home or in a venue where guests will enter through one main entrance, place your welcome sign there so they’ll know they’ve arrived at the right location.

If you’re having a rustic backyard affair, then maybe a wooden sign would be perfect; but if it’s going to be more modern and stylish, perhaps an elegant neon sign will work best.

Seating Chart

You’ll need a seating chart for your guests, but it’s not just about where they sit.

You want to be sure you include all the important people in your life and make sure that everyone is accounted for, even if it means making a few additions to their name tags.

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Color code each section so that guests can easily find their tables, or simply use little stickers with numbers on them.

You don’t want any mix-ups! It’s also helpful to have some sort of seating chart at the ceremony itself if there are going to be children in attendance (or any other special needs).

Bar Menu

The bar menu is a must-have for your wedding reception.

This is your chance to give guests something fun and delicious.

Guestbook Sign

A guest book sign is a great way to get people to sign in, but it’s also a fun way to get them to write messages.

You can ask guests to write down their favorite memory of you together or just tell you how much they love and support you as a couple.

Another cool idea for this sign is asking people to take photos at the photo booth you rented for your wedding and add them to the memory book.

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A good sign does not have to be crowded with text and graphics

Signs are a great way to add some personality to your wedding.

The wording should be simple and clear, and not too crowded with text or graphics.

You can use them to inform guests of where they need to go, and what they’re expected to do during the ceremony/reception.

The sign should match the theme of your wedding!

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